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STIR THINGS UP!Our satisfaction comes from sharing what we know.  Good cooking and great eating can be as easy as combining a few fresh ingredients with a little bit of know-how. Kristina, and our guest teachers, revel in introducing people to great food, simple formulas, tested techniques and creative recipes.  Our goal, when you come to our kitchen, is to inspire you to try new things and to have more fun in your own kitchen.

Everyone is invited to participate in our cooking classes.  We look forward to introducing you to novel ingredients, clever tools, as well as new techniques.  Many of the ingredients Kristina uses in our classes are available in our pantry so that you can recreate the recipe at home.

We teach demonstration-style in our kitchen classroom and students sit up close to the instructor so that they can see, smell and taste every detail!  Most classes are limited to 12 students, depending on the program, to ensure that everyone can effectively participate.



To register for a class or an event, please call 831-393-1042 and be prepared to give you credit card information to secure your place in the class.

Cancellation policy: If you cannot attend the class you have registered for we will gladly reschedule you for another class in the future, if you call at least 3 days in advance.  If you cannot be rescheduled another class, we will refund your fee. Less than 3 days notice will result in loss of your class fee unless your seat can be filled by another student.   If Stone Creek Kitchen must cancel a class, you may elect to take another class in the future or obtain a refund, whichever you prefer.



Kristina Scrivani, co-proprietor of Stone Creek Kitchen, is an excellent cook and experienced teacher well known for the many cooking classes and tasting events she conducted in Whole Foods Market Salud! in Monterey’s Del Monte Center.  For more information about Kristina read her bio on the ABOUT US page.

Kari Bernardi, aka the Super Natural Chef, is  a certified Gourmet Raw Food Chef and Instructor. She is the founding Director of CSU Monterey Bay’s Farm to School Partnership  and former Faculty Member of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. Kari has been instrumental in writing healthy school food policies, bringing fresh organic fruits and vegetables into schools and teaching farm fresh nutrition education to students around the world. For over 20 years Kari has shared her teaching expertise to help people thrive on a plant-based diet and has taught students from 5 years old to 95 years young.



To register call us at 831-393-1042


Taste of the Month:  Salts  &  How  To  Use  Them                                                       

Thursday, May 28                                                 

7:00 to 8:00-ish pm                                            


We like to give our guests an opportunity to try an abundance of one particular ingredient as this deepens both appreciation and understanding.  This time, we will taste and learn about salt. The ancient process of gleaning salts and curing them is done differently around the world and yields salts of varying strengths, sizes and textures. Learn why this simple ingredient is a condiment like no other.  Class also includes tips and tricks on how to use and serve salt. Wine available for sale by the glass. 


Class:  Cooking in the Kasbah ~ Travel to the City of Fes

Tuesday, June 16                                       

6:30 8:30pm                                                           


Each month we like to take a culinary journey to North Africa.  Join us for this trip to Fes, a city known for it rich heritage in trade, religion and culture.  Because Fes sits at a cross roads, and has long been the stopping point of many caravans, it has integrated the flavors of Andalucía, the Sahara and the Middle East into its cuisine. Enjoy authentic ingredients while learning the simple techniques that build such incredible exotic flavors

  • Olives, Harissa and warm (Khobz) bread hot out of the oven
  • Garnet and Rubies – Beet and Ginger Soup
  • Saffron scented Tagine made of juicy small Hens, Dates and Olives
  • Grilled Vegetable Cous Cous
  • Orange Flower and Date Truffles          


Class:  Sushi American Style – Let’s Roll Again                       

Thursday, June 18                                                 

6:30 to 8:30                                                            


Love Sushi?  Want to learn to roll your own?  This class will teach you how to create delicious sushi using readily found ingredients. These ancient formulas will inspire you to make lots of new and tasty combinations of your own.  From Rolls to Nigiri we will roll, stack and wrap our way through dinner.  We will also discuss the ins-&-outs of wasabi, soy sauces and vinegars. Class includes instruction, recipes, menu tasting and a glass of wine or beer.


Dinner in the Kitchen:  Anniversary Party

Friday, June 26 



Can you believe it?  Stone Creek Kitchen has been in business for 4 years and we are celebrating with a festive party that you are invited to. Because it is so special to us (you have to attend to find out why) we will serve Paella which will be prepared over a wood fire right in front of you!  Laden with gorgeous seafood, smoky chorizo, juicy duck, savory peppers, caramelized onions, and, of course, the BOMBA!  Travel with us to the beaches of Valencia where the fashion and history are only rivaled by the gastronomy.

Wine expert, Mike Welch of Quintessential Wines, will be on hand to tell us all about the delicious Spanish wines we will pour to accompany the meal.  So, please join us for this informal dinner party in our teaching kitchen and watch as your meal is prepared right in front of you.  Seating at tables of 8 is communal or an entire table may be reserved. 

Pre-Fixe Menu:

  • Housemade Sangria
  • Spanish Sheep Cheeses, Jamon Serrano and Citrus Cured Olives
  • Buttery Slow Cooked Pork Empanadas
  • Potato Tortilla with Rich Savory Romesco
  • Farmers Market Salad bathed in Lemony Vinaigrette with housemade Croutons
  • Seafood, Sausage & Duck Paella made over a wood fire!
  • Warm Almond Cakes with Citrus Honey Ice Cream


Class: Crazy Good Vegetarian 

Tuesday, June 30

6:30 – 8:30 pm


Create 3 wholesome dishes that are both delicious and unique. Learn to incorporate more nutritious ingredients into every meal while never giving up flavor or satisfaction! This class will include instruction, recipes, menu tasting and glass of wine.

  • Milky Buratta with Roasted Tomatoes, Fresh Basil & Lemon
  • Grilled Asparagus with Duck Egg & Crispy Mushrooms
  • Grilled Flatbread Pizza with Arugula & Caramelized Onion


Taste of the Month:  Spices  – What to Buy and How to Use Them         

Tuesday, July 7                                          

7:00 to 8:00 pm                                            


We like to give our guests an opportunity to try an abundance of one particular ingredient as this deepens both appreciation and understanding. This month, we will learn about spices while we taste them.  Did you know that nutmeg was once worth more by weight than gold? The handling and use of spices varies around the world. The Silk Road was an important route connecting Asia with the Mediterranean world, including North Africa and Europe.  Learn to add more flavor in your cookery by incorporating this most precious of ingredients. Class includes instruction, tasting and tasting notes. We suggest you eat dinner before arriving as no food will be served.  Wine by the glass available for purchase. 


Class:  Fresh Exotic Arabia     

Thursday, July 9                                          

6:30 – 9:00                                         


Close your eyes and inhale the luscious aroma of roses and citrus flower as you prepare your taste buds for a journey!  This very special class shares refreshing, new take on a very traditional cuisine. As always we have a few twists to update the warm exotic flavors of this delicious and centuries’ old food culture. Class includes instruction, recipes, menu tasting and a glass of wine.

  • Garlicky Fava Bean Spread with Flat Bread hot off the grill!
  • Tomato & Mint Salad
  • Tender White Fish stuffed with Lentils, wrapped in vine leaves, and bathed in creamy Tahini Citrus Sauce
  • Aromatic Citrus Pilaf with Pomegranate Seeds and Herbs
  • Spiced Stuffed Dates


Class: Pizza on the Grill       

Tuesday, July 14      

 6:30 – 8:30pm                                  


Grilled Pizza is an enjoyable and scrumptious way to entertain!  Learn to make dough, sauces and prepare incredible toppings. From traditional style sausage, mushroom with olive to innovative creamy pesto chicken it’s all hot off the grill.  You don’t have to own a fancy pizza oven to make great pizza! This class is packed full of tips and tricks to inspire a lot of delicious fun! From a variety of ways to help your dough rise to getting that perfect crispy bottom crust! Class includes recipes, instruction, 4 pizza menu tasting and a glass of wine.


Tasting: The Food & Wine of Chile

Friday, July 17

6:30 – 8:30 pm


Chile has always been known for its affordable wines. Recently its top reds have challenged the best from California and France. Truly one of our favorites places, Chile offers rich bold red wines that are food friendly and truly worthy of a night of tasting all their own. We will pair 4 Chilean red wines with some of our favorite Chilean foods. From Empanadas to Chacarero Chileno, Corn Humitas and,of course, plenty of Pebre and grilled bread.  Event includes wine & small bite tasting and food & wine tasting notes.


Class: Fish in a Flash

Tuesday, July 21 

6:30 – 8:30pm 


Roasting and grilling fish are delicious and consistent ways to prepare healthy, satisfying seafood at home.  Learn to create these show stoppers:  Buttery Scallops served on their shell; Roasted Halibut; and fantastic grilled Tuna. This class includes tips and tricks to sear, roast and grill your way towards perfectly cooked fish in a flash. Class includes instruction, recipes, menu tasting and a glass of wine.


Class:  Small Bite Entertaining

Thursday, July 23

6:30 – 8:30 pm


Small bites are such a fun way to entertain! Learn to create 4 small dishes each paired with a delicious reasonably priced wine. Most of these dishes include ingredients that can be prepared in advance or purchased already prepped. This makes for a low stress and fun way to host family and friends.

  • California Cheve Rolled in spiced toasted Pumpkin Seeds on grilled Artisan Loaf
  • Grilled Peaches with Jamon Serrano & Pepper Jelly
  • Spiced Moroccan Slider with Date-Onion Jam on a Petite Soft Roll
  • Smoked Duck Breast with Smoky Piquillo Butter on grilled Bread


Workshop: Make Your Own Salt & Spice Blends

Tuesday, July 28

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm    


Super fun and informative this salt and spice blending class is a “hands-on” experience. Learn how to create your own blends using flavorful ingredients. Be warned it’s addictive! Your pantry will be forever full of amazing concoctions that you created yourself. We’ll provide the mortar & pestles, the containers, labels, spices, herbs, salts and, of course, scrumptious  inspiration. We suggest you eat dinner before arriving as no food will be served.  Wine available for purchase.   


Tasting: Spanish Wine & Tapas                                        

Friday, July 31 

6:30 – 8:30pm


Spanish Tapas are small bites meant to be shared and pair perfectly with the casual style of so many delicious Spanish wines. Jamon Serrano, succulent olives, sheep cheeses and rich Spanish almonds are just some of the incredible ingredients we will use. Taste 4 wines each accompanied by a specially prepared small bite you will learn to create.  Reasonably priced and ready to drink wines from Albarino to Tempranillo will elevate this trip with your taste buds.


Class: Shabu Shabu (Hot Pot) Class

Tuesday, August 4 

6:30 – 8:30pm 


Love our Sushi American Style classes?  Then you should consider this new experience. As always, our focus will be on paying tribute to this Asian cuisine by using authentic ingredients combined with  proven techniques.  This class will teach you how to create a delicious Syabu Syabu (Hot Pot) experience at home.  From creating a rich Kombu (cooking broth), choosing the best beef and seafood to making perfectly cooked and seasoned rice. Quench your thirst with a glass of beer or wine while YOU cook your own proteins. Class includes instruction, recipes, menu tasting.  Note: You will be sharing a hot pot with another student so come prepared for a family style feast!


Class: Cooking in the Kasbah ~  Casablanca

Tuesday, August 11                        

6:30 8:30pm  


Each month we like to take a journey to North Africa. Join us for this trip to Casablanca, the city known for its port, night life and amazing markets.  You will experience the flavors of the street food vendor and the local café.  The food of this cosmopolitan city is heavily influenced by the diversity of its people.  Enjoy authentic ingredients while learning the simple techniques that build such incredible exotic flavors.

  • Tender Chickpeas in Spicy Broth
  • Grilled Sardines served with Warm Bread, Roasted Tomatoes, Herbs & Olive Oil
  • Jewel Toned Saffron Rice
  • Spiced Meat stuffed Roasted Vegetables with Toasted Pine Nuts
  • Orange Flower Water and Date Truffles with Coconut


Note:  Most of our classes are taught demonstration style and are not “hands-on.”

REGISTRATION: To register for a class or an event, please come into the store, or call 831-393-1042 and be prepared to give your credit card information.

Cancellation policy:  If you cannot attend the event you have registered for we will gladly reschedule you for another in the future or refund your fee with at least 3 days notice.  Less than 3 day notice will result in loss of your fee unless we can sell your seat.