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STIR THINGS UP!Our satisfaction comes from sharing what we know.  Good cooking and great eating can be as easy as combining a few fresh ingredients with a little bit of know-how.  Kristina, and our guest teachers, revel in introducing people to great food, simple formulas, tested techniques and creative recipes.  Our goal, when you come to our kitchen, is to inspire you to try new things and to have more fun in your own kitchen.

Everyone is invited to participate in our cooking classes.  We look forward to introducing you to novel ingredients, clever tools, as well as new techniques.  Many of the ingredients Kristina uses in our classes are available in our pantry so that you can recreate the recipe at home.

We teach demonstration-style in our kitchen classroom and students sit up close to the instructor so that they can see, smell and taste every detail!  Classes are limited to 12 students, depending on the program, to ensure that everyone can effectively participate.


Kristina Scrivani, co-proprietor of Stone Creek Kitchen, is an excellent cook and experienced teacher well known for the many cooking classes and tasting events she conducted in Whole Foods Market Salud! in Monterey’s Del Monte Center.  She has been teaching cooking classes for almost 25 years. For more information about Kristina read her bio on the ABOUT US page.


To register for a class or an event, please call 831-393-1042 and be prepared to give you credit card information to secure your place in the class. For more information email

Most of our classes are taught demonstration style and are not “hands-on.”  Students will be served all the dishes prepared by the instructor and usually a glass or two of wine.

Join our Email List:  Our cooking classes, dinner parties and tasting events sell out very quickly.  So, consider putting your name on our email list (find link at foot of Home Page) to be among the first to hear about new additions to our schedule.

Get on the Waiting List:  We maintain a Waiting List for each event because occasionally attendees will have to cancel their attendance and seats become available.  If so, we call the folks on the Waiting List before we put out the word out to our email list subscribers.  So, if you see a class you would really like to attend, that is already SOLD OUT, call us and request to be added to the Waiting List. Also, if we have a lot of people on the Waiting List we might add an additional date for a popular class — and you will be the first person we call!

About Groups:  We discourage groups of friends from signing up for our cooking classes.  We have found, after many years experience, that friends who attend together (quite naturally!) want to socialize. Even though we endeavor to make our classes enjoyable as well as interesting, we also expect students to be quiet and attentive during the class. We have found this is very difficult for groups who, with the best intentions, end up chatting with their neighbor throughout the class. This is distracting for the instructor and unfair to the other attendees. We suggest that you consider a Tasting event or a Dinner in the Kitchen if you would like to bring a group of friends to Stone Creek Kitchen.

Class Sign Up Maximum:  We allow one person to book a maximum of 4 seats for our cooking classes.  There is no maximum for Tastings or Dinner in the Kitchen.   

Cancellation policy:  If you cannot attend the event you have registered for we will gladly reschedule you for another in the future or refund your fee with at least 3 days notice.  Less than 3 day notice will result in loss of your fee unless we can sell your seat.


2018  EVENT   SCHEDULE                                      


Class:  Cookin’ in the Kasbah

Tuesday, January 9                            6:30 – 9:00 pm                                                            $80

Wednesday, January 10                    6:30 – 9:00 pm                                                            $80

So many of you have requested this one – so, let’s head back to the Kasbah where the sights and smells   are rich and exotic.  Join us for this trip to the land of spice markets and savory Tagines. In this class, we  will discover authentic ingredients while learning the simple techniques that build layers of exotic flavors. Class includes instruction, menu tasting and a glass of wine.  

  • Olives, Harissa, Warm Flat Bread, Sweet Spiced Carrot and Date Spread
  • Crispy Briouates of Lemony Artichoke, Coriander and Goat Cheese
  • Rich Lamb Shank Tagine with Fragrant Fried Shallots and Almonds
  • Cous Cous with Tart Barberries, Mint and Orange Zest


Class:  Comfort in the Kitchen – Pasta                               

Tuesday, January 16                          6:30 –  8:30pm                                                            $70

Welcome to a new series of classes focusing on two really amazing dishes that will become instant family favorites.  In the winter we sell twice the pasta as any other time of the year. Comfort is something we all seek when it is cold outside and a hearty pasta dish really rings the bell.  You will learn to make two of our best dishes.  Class includes instruction, menu tasting and a glass of wine.  Note:  Not suitable for non-garlic lovers.

  • Garlicky Giant  Rigatoni with Green Olives & Sweet Italian Sausage
  • Bucatini with Bitter Greens, Salty Pecorino & Buttery Homemade Breadcrumbs


Class:   Fish Techniques – Vietnamese Style                                                           

Tuesday, January 23                          6:30 – 9:00 pm                                                            $75

Wednesday, January 24                    6:30 – 9:00 pm                                                            $75

Delicious and bright seafood dishes are some of the best and doable meals to make at home. Gorgeous roasted shrimp, clams and halibut are lean proteins that you will learn to accent with lush Vietnamese flavors to create new “go to” dishes for family and friends. Class includes instruction, menu tasting and a glass of wine.

  • Fresh Spring Rolls with Large Roasted Shrimp & Easy Peanut Sauce
  • Buttery Chili Lime Clams
  • Halibut wrapped in Banana Leaves and steamed with Rich Cilantro Ginger Sauce


Class:  Pizza!  Pizza!                            

Tuesday, February  6                         6:30 –  8:30 pm                                                           $65     

Thursday, March 15                          6:30 –  8:30 pm                                                           $65     

You can make delicious pizza at home.  You have to put the love in the dough.  This class will teach you simple, but specific formulas, to create pizza you’ll be proud of and your family will be beggin’ you to make again and again. From rich Salami & Olive to Garlicy Kale & Cambazola we will make, and eat, our way to Pizza heaven!  Class includes instruction, recipes, pizza tasting and a glass of wine.


Entertaining with Family & Friends – French Bistro at Home    

Tuesday, February 13                        6:30 –  8:30 pm                                                           $80

Thursday, February 15                      6:30 –  8:30 pm                                                           $80

Casual entertaining at home with friends can be one of the most rewarding arts to learn. This class focuses on formulas that work together time after time. This makes mixing and matching different food, from around the world, a snap!  French Bistro at Home will focus on three distinct formulas that inspiration from the famous bistros of Paris.  We just can’t get enough Paris!  This over-the-top menu won’t make you sweat.  Class includes instruction, recipes, menu tasting and a glass of wine.

  • Baby Arugula Salad with Soft Boiled Duck Egg & Crispy Shallots bathed in Champagne Vinaigrette
  • Grilled Skirt Steak tender, and ohhhh so juicy, bathed in Herby Compound Butter
  • Crispy Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes


Special Event:  Afternoon Tea for Two!

Saturday, February 17                      2:00 – 3:30 pm                                                             $75

Join us in our kitchen for a proper English tea party.  This is not a cooking class but rather a peaceful and delicious respite in the middle of the afternoon.          Registration of 2 people, per booking, is required  as each tea service is designed to be shared.  Fee is per person.  Not suitable for children under 12.

We will start with a glass of bubbly and then dive into:

  • Fancy Tea Cakes, Mince Pies and Tarts
  • Housemade Scones with Clotted Cream and Wild Strawberry Jam
  • A Trio of  Tea Sandwiches – Smoked Salmon, Cucumber and Truffled Egg
  • Petite Pork & Pheasant Pie
  • Top it off with a Bite of Rich Chocolate
  • English Tea served with Milk or Lemon


Class:  The Art of the Bento Box

Tuesday, February 20                        6:30 to 9:00 pm                                                          $80

Literally a gift box – Bento boxes are a joy to create. Chucked full of savory flavor and luxurious textures  the Bento Box may just be one of the most fun ways to entertain. Learn to create memorable feasts that your family and friends will rave about. Class includes your very own black & red lacquer bento box to take home with you!  Recipes, tips and tricks for making gorgeous and delicious Bento.  Class includes instruction, a Bento Box meal to enjoy, and a glass of wine.  NOTE:  This class is not suitable for vegetarians.


Class:  The Warm Exotic Flavors of (Vegetarian) India    

Tuesday, February, 27                       6:30 – 9:00 pm                                                            $80

Wednesday, February 28                  6:30 – 9:00 pm                                                           $80

We love the fragrant intense flavors of India. In this class, you will travel with your taste buds with a focus on rich curries, bright tasty chutneys and flavorful grilled fish. This class includes instruction, recipes, menu tasting and a glass of wine.

  • Crispy Pappadoms Starter with Chutney
  • Dhum Aloo Potatoes with Baby Green Beans slow cooked in Ginger and Spices
  • Kaali Daal Smokey Black Lentils with Savory Tomatoes
  • Chickpea & Butternut Squash Curry
  • Saffron rice made with Coconut Milk and Kefir Lime Leaves


Class:  Warm Up with Flavors of Thailand

Wednesday, March 7                        6:30 to 8:30 pm                                                          $65

Thursday, March 8                            6:30 to 8:30 pm                                                          $65

The flavors of Thailand are both calming and invigorating at the same time. The warmth of the people and the dishes they create is truly a gift. Cooking with Thai flavors at home is fun and very tasty. There are many ingredients that can be stocked in the dry pantry for you to enjoy in a flash!  Class includes instruction, recipes, menu and wine tasting.

  • Yam Jin Kai – Northern Thai Chicken Soup (Chock full of intense flavor, this labor of love will    cure the winter blues)
  • Naam Phrik Ong – Northern Thai minced Pork served with Cucumber, Cabbage and (Spicy) Rice




REGISTRATION: To register for a class or an event, please come into the store, or call 831-393-1042 and be prepared to give your credit card information.

Cancellation policy:  If you cannot attend the event you have registered for we will gladly reschedule you for another in the future or refund your fee with at least 3 days notice.  Less than 3 day notice will result in loss of your fee unless we can sell your seat.   

Note:  Most of our classes are taught demonstration style and are not “hands-on.”